Spiritual Life Coaching

with Torsten A. Lange
Personal sessions in London or Online. 

Leave the past behind, embrace a happier future

Now available on a 1-2-1 basis

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Due to popular requests and for the first time EVER Torsten is excited to be offering
1-2-1 sessions in person and online. 

Over the summer of 2022, Torsten will be trialling a limited number of private sessions.

With his wealth of experience training thousands of Reiki students, in his coaching sessions Torsten follows his intuitive guidance and uses Reiki, regression techniques to childhood and past lives, tapping into the intuitive wisdom of tarot, and connecting with spirit guides.

Torsten is a certified high-performance coach and will help you re-gain the momentum in your life.

Whether you need a private Reiki treatment or help getting your mojo back; a traumatic experience is haunting you; you feel stuck and don’t know which steps to take next; you experience relationship problems, family, or career issues; you are struggling to feel more spiritually connected, or you are looking for more guidance and clarity –  the spiritual life coaching can help you get back on track. 

Torsten will also be happy to give advice and mentorship on setting up your Reiki practice or how you can start teaching Reiki.

Allow yourself to leave behind what is holding you back – and invite more happiness, confidence, and meaning into your life.

Scheduling Your Session 

Use the contact form below or send an email. Please write a short message about what it is you are interested in and your availability.

Torsten and his team will be in touch to schedule your first session


Sessions are being offered Wednesdays to Fridays,
but some may also be scheduled at other times, including weekends.

1 on 1 Coaching:

In-person sessions in Putney, London UK:

75 minutes, £ 120

Zoom session:

60 minutes, £ 100 ($ 125)

Sessions are available between 10 am and 8 pm UK time, with the latest slots primarily designed for clients in America (latest slot 2 pm EST)

Past Life Regression in person , 90 minutes, £ 150

Standalone Reiki Treatments are also available:

In-person hands-on treatment: 60 minutes, £ 95

Distant treatment: 45 minutes, £ 75 ($ 95)

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