“The World’s First Scientific Proof Of Reiki”

Take Your Healing To The Next Level

Be the first to explore and experience the world’s most advanced Reiki training –

and allow it to change your life – and that of your clients!

A dream has come true: We have found the world’s first scientific proof of Reiki! And not just as a simple before-and-after effect – we could even identify the different vibrational levels on which Reiki works.

This will provide a major shift in the public acceptance of Reiki as well as our ability to explain it to others. But the results go much further: We can understand the Usui System of Reiki much better and deeper through the lens of this research! As Reiki practitioners, it allows us to take a big step forward in our personal and professional practice.

The ReikiScience™ Certified Practitioner Training is designed to share this deeper and more scientific understanding of the Usui System of Reiki. Comprehensive and highly experiential, the course is designed to set a new standard for worldwide Reiki practice and teaching.

To protect the integrity of the teaching for the future, ReikiScience™ is being internationally trademarked.

The course covers: 

  • 14 hours of intensive teaching

  • Exclusive introduction to the latest scientific research

  • A special Reiki Attunement to deepen your Reiki connection

  • New meditation techniques to become one with the different vibrational levels

  • Reiki sound healing

  • How to explain Reiki in a simple and scientific way

  • How to use the symbols correctly

  • The most powerful Reiki symbol – and how to bring this into everyday life

  • The ancient philosophies that form the foundation of Reiki

  • Comprehensive manual

  • Certificate On Completion

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to £165

What Students Say

"It really has taken my Reiki practice to the next level."
"It has brought a whole new perspective and meaning to Reiki for me."
"It gets so deep that I don't think I have recovered from it yet..."