“The World’s First Scientific Proof That Reiki Works on Different Vibrational Levels”

Take Your Healing To The Next Level

With Reiki Master Torsten A. Lange

Live in London: Sat/ Sun 27/28 April 2024, 9.30 am – 5.30 pm

(at the Barnes Green Centre) 


Explore and experience the world’s most advanced Reiki training –

and allow it to change your life – and that of your clients!

This certification course is based on the world’s first scientific proof that Reiki works on different vibrational levels. Designed for Reiki 2 practitioners and Reiki Masters, it offers a completely new dimension of using Reiki:

Starting with the breakthrough evidence from the water tests that Torsten conducted at a laboratory in Switzerland, and a thorough overview of the current scientific research into Reiki, we will go on a journey of discovering the science within the system of Reiki – and how this can transform every aspect of our lives.

You will be more confident, competent and – most importantly – excited to use Reiki, both professionally and in your life.

The incredibly intense and experiential weekend will include a series of brand new exercises that have not publicly been shared before.

The key is that this is not just theoretical science, but science that can be applied to your life and to those around you.

You will receive a powerful attunement that will have an immediate effect on opening your heart chakra and deepening your ability to use Reiki.

The training includes a professionally recognised certificate.

Over the past three years, this course has only been offered online, and the live course will now include several new elements.

The ReikiScience™ Certified Practitioner Training is designed to share this deeper and more scientific understanding of the Usui System of Reiki. Comprehensive and highly experiential, the course is designed to set a new standard for worldwide Reiki practice and teaching.

To protect the integrity of the teaching for the future, ReikiScience™ is  internationally trademarked.

The course covers: 

  • 16 hours of intensive training

  • Exclusive introduction to the latest scientific research

  • A special Reiki Attunement to deepen your Reiki connection

  • New meditation techniques to become one with the different vibrational levels

  • Reiki sound healing

  • How to explain Reiki in a simple and scientific way

  • Life-changing exercises to explore the true depth of Reiki

  • A novel look at the  Reiki symbols – and how to use them in everyday life

  • The ancient philosophies that form the foundation of Reiki

  • Comprehensive digital manual

  • Professionally recognised Certificate 

  • PLUS: Access to online course!

To make this one-off live training in London as accessible as possible, the fee has been

reduced from  £297 to only £ 197

Please book your place below.
You can either pay a deposit now and the balance 1 week before the course, or pay the complete fee now

What Students Say

"It really has taken my Reiki practice to the next level."
"It has brought a whole new perspective and meaning to Reiki for me."
"It gets so deep that I don't think I have recovered from it yet..."