Reiki Live on YouTube

Inspiration, Information, and Time to Connect…

After two years of the pandemic – with all the worry, disconnection, and upheaval it brought – we really need to get our momentum back!

To help restart, and make us realise that we are not on our own but part of an amazing world-wide movement, Reiki Master and Hay House author Torsten A. Lange, is launching a free weekly live show on YouTube:

The Reiki Revolution – Live on YouTube

every Tuesday from 8 – 9 pm UK time (3 pm EST, 12 pm PST)

Starting 31 May 2022

The show will provide information, inspiration, and deep conversations on how Reiki can change lives. In includes meditations, innovative ideas, and practical exercises to bring Reiki into every aspect of our lives – and reflections on how Reiki can indeed make the world a better place.

Every week, Torsten will be interviewing a special guest about the impact Reiki had on their lives. On Tuesday, 31 May, the first guest ever will be Anne-Marie Carratu, Chair of the UK Reiki Federation.

Please join him on Tuesday, 31 May:

You are welcome to ask questions on the show – and maybe you would even like to take part at some stage yourself?

Our hectic daily lives often seem incompatible with a regular practice of Reiki. But, of course, the opposite should be the case! Because Reiki can provide the anchor to hold us during all the turbulences we are experiencing.

So please join us on Tuesdays to reconnect, reflect, and recharge – and allow Reiki to take you through the week:


  • Listen to amazing life stories and experiences with Reiki
  • Try out new exercises that help you deepen your connection with Reiki
  • Find the motivation to bring Reiki into every aspect of your life
  • Relax and reconnect in deep meditations


  • Learn about the latest scientific research on Reiki
  • Go deeper into its fascinating history
  • Discover how other people practice Reiki
  • Ask your personal questions about Reiki


  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Become part of a world-wide community
  • Join in creative ways to make the world a better place with the help of Reiki
  • Give and receive Reiki in our Reiki Shares at the end of each broadcast