Reiki for Empaths

Amazing tools and techniques to support Empaths in their Reiki practice:
We will explore a variety of techniques to understand what it means to be an Empath, and how to live fully in day-to-day life.
This very interactive workshop is designed to provide answers, solutions and confidence to the empathic Reiki healer.
It will include guided meditations, exercises and practical advice to to assist in realising the gift that it is to be an Empath.
A day of wonderful experiences, paired with fun, laughter and mingling with lovely like-minded people.
with Reiki Master Emily Pearl Campbell

Reiki for Empaths

Sunday,  7 April 2024

10 am – 5 pm

Barnes Green Centre. London

(in-person only)

£ 75

Topics and exercises will include: 

  •  What is an Empath?
  • Opening up and closing down meditations
  • Breathing exercises for alleviating anxiety
  • Intuition and sensitivities 
  • Grounding and protection for the physical, emotional and energy bodies
  • Coping techniques for day-to-day life
  • Understanding and managing emotions 
  • Overstimulation from the outside world
  • How to calm the nervous system with self-treatments
  • The Reiki Principles for Empaths
  • Byogen Chiryo Ho (Finding the root cause of the problem)
  • Release exercise with Reiki
  • Living fully as an Empath

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