Reiki Master Course

Becoming a Reiki Master is likely one the most amazing decisions you will ever make!

Therefore, please don’t feel intimidated. You don’t need to start teaching straight away – in fact, most Reiki Masters never do.

The main reason to join a Reiki Master Course is to understand the full potential of the system of Reiki, and the wish to dedicate your life to Reiki as a spiritual path.

It is a profound and wonderful decision to make, and a truly joyous course to do.

The course will cover: 

  • The Master symbol

  • Reiki Master attunement

  • Theory and practice of Reiki 1 reviewed

  • How to give Reiki 1, 2 and Master attunements

  • Theory and practice of Reiki 2 reviewed

  • Comprehensive overview of Japanese Reiki techniques

  • Increasing intuition and awareness

  • The Reiki history – and its scientific research

  • The philosophy behind Reiki

  • What is healing?

  • What is energy?

  • See, feel, and work with Auras

  • The Chakra system + Tanden points

  • The physical body and its problems

  • Energy cleansing techniques

  • The 21-day clearing process

  • The Reiki principles

  • The Buddhist origins of Reiki

  • Introduction to other spiritual disciplines

  • Living your life with Reiki

  • Daily morning meditations

  • Discover the spiritual depth within yourself

  • Scientific proof for Reiki
5 days residential

Traditionally, Reiki Masters were taught in one or more year apprenticeships (at often enormous prices). We feel that a full week away from interruptions is the more suitable way for our day and age, without compromising on the depth of the teaching.


These courses are likely to sell out. Please book early to avoid disappointment

14 – 18 September 2024

Kairos Centre, Richmond Park, London.

(residential and non-residential cou

The Kairos Centre is an urban oasis in southwest London, situated within acres of landscaped gardens and overlooking the historic Richmond Park.

This tranquil setting of peaceful, secluded gardens provides a place to learn, space to think and time to meet.

Students can either commute daily or book accommodation at the venue. 

Whats included?​

  • 5 full days tuition

  • comprehensive manual

  • internationally recognised certificate as Reiki Master and Teacher

  • vegetarian lunches, coffee, tea, biscuits

Terms and Conditions for all Master Courses

Up to 8 weeks before the course: full refund of payments; 8 – 4 weeks before: full refund less deposit; less than 4 weeks before: full payment due, unless in exceptional circumstances.



Only the deposit of £ 400 needs to be paid before the ed of December.

The balance is due 8 weeks before the course.

It is also possible to set up a monthly payment plan.

Cost and booking:

Payment in full (£1097)

Deposit (£500)

Balance (£597)

Pay In Monthly instalments:

Please email us to set up a plan


B&B £65 per person per night, in lovely, tranquil rooms.

Please email us if you would like to book accommodation.



Training in Reiki 1 and 2 in a form of traditional Usui Reiki is a prerequiste. Booking is subject to individual approval.

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What Students Say

“One of the best weeks of my life”
Carole, Newcastle
"...thank you [...] for these magical few days. I am now in harmony and peace."
Martyna, London
"What a fantastic journey with an extraordinary group of individuals."
Bo, Wimbledon